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World's most powerful luxury brands,mulberry bags uk
Louis Vuitton's brand value is estimated to be worth $19.4 billion, according mulberry bayswater bag to Millward Brown BrandZ's ranking of the Top 100 Most Powerful Brands. (Christophe Ena/Associated Press)Even in the depths of a dark recession, luxury isn't such a bad place to be.
While not entirely immune,mulberry handbags, the industry's biggest names - including Louis Vuitton, Hermès and Chanel - continue to succeed. This is according to the annual Millward Brown BrandZ ranking of the Top 100 Most Powerful Brands, a list that covers 50,000 brands worldwide, released April 29.
In the luxury category, Louis Vuitton came out on top, with a brand value of $19.4 billion,celine bags, followed by Hermès at $7,cheap mulberry handbags.86 billion, Gucci at $7.47 billion, Chanel at $6.22 billion and Rolex at $5.53 billion.
In Depth: World's Most Powerful Luxury Brands Luxury Cars Of The Future Why The Ultra-Rich Continue To Buy Luxury 10 Last-A-Lifetime Luxury Buys How The Luxury Consumer Will Spend In 2009 Summer's Stylish Sports Watches
Behind the Numbers To rank the brands, market research company Millward Brown used the BrandZ database of its parent company,celine online, WPP, which owns several marketing, advertising and public relations firms, among others. Some brands on the list are clients of WPP's companies, but the database is the world's largest repository of brand equity data, according to WPP,mulberry outlet UK, and includes interviews with celine luggage bag price more than 1 million consumers globally.
Consumers were asked about their loyalty shop celine to each brand and also about their attitudes toward the future of the brand (for example, whether or not its stock will increase in value or its sales will increase),cheap air max. The BrandZ ranking also considers the dollar values of the company. In 2009,celine handbags online, Google topped the complete list with a brand value of $100 billion.
'Brands that offer luxury treats - glasses, belts,Cheap celine handbags, handbags, etc,celine luggage bag. - are less vulnerable.'-Nikhil Gharekhan, Milward Brown While the top three brands held their 2008 positions, high-fashion Chanel crept up one spot, while fine jeweler Cartier dropped from fourth place to seventh with a 2009 value of $4.91 billion.
Cartier's somewhat dramatic fall has a lot to do with the fact that, while luxury handbags and shoes still seem to be selling,Cheap Air Max Shoes, ultra-expensive investment items - such as $1 million, diamond-encrusted Cartier watches - aren't faring so well,http://www.mulberrysaleuksite.co.uk.
"Brands that offer luxury treats - glasses, belts, handbags, etc. - are less vulnerable," says Nikhil Gharekhan, senior vice president at Millward Brown.
Although the dollar value of most of these brands has decreased - Louis Vuitton's, for instance, dropped by $6.34 billion from $25.74 billion in 2008 - their standing on the overall list remains solid because luxury brands have weathered the financial storm better than their mid-market counterparts,mulberry bags. It has a lot to do with branding positioning. In other words, right now, consumers want to shop,mulberry bags, but not as much - even if they can afford to do so. That means that they're buying one luxury handbag for $1,500 rather than five less-expensive handbags at $300 each.
Leather retailer Coach, for example, is suffering as a result. The mid-market isabel marant sale retailer, positioned between Liz Claiborne and Kate Spade on the price nike air max 90 cheap spectrum,mulberry handbags outlet, did not wield the brand power to make the list. In its most recent quarter, the company's year-over-year sales decreased by 6.7 per cent to $740 million,celine handbags. Earnings were down 24 per cent to $123 million.
Unprecedented Resilience The top two luxury brands - Louis Vuitton and Hermès - show resilience, says Milton Pedraza, chief executive of the Luxury Institute, a New York-based market research mulberry sale bags company focusing on the ultra-affluent, not just because of brand positioning, but careful business considerations. "[The executives behind] Louis Vuitton and Hermes absolutely control every single component of their business model, from retail distribution to discounting," he says.
Indeed, even when Saks Fifth Avenue went on a markdown rampage last fall, offering 70 per cent reductions on several high-end brands, including shoemaker Manolo Blahnik and Prada, items at the Louis Vuitton shop within the luxury department store remained at full price. The only place shoppers can find discounted Hermès is in outlet stores, which carry stock from seasons past,mulberry outlet. Current-season goods are not marked down - no exceptions.
The policy is reflected in both companies' sales results. At luxury conglomerate Moët Hennessy Louis Vuitton, year-over-year sales in the fashion and leather goods sector - of which Louis Vuitton is isabel marant sneakers a part - increased by 11 per cent to 1,celine online.6 billion euros ($2.1 billion) in the first quarter of 2009. LVMH said that both Louis Vuitton's new Damier Graphite and Stephen Sprouse collections sold particularly well. And while reports of LVMH selling off its wine and spirits jordan 11 bred brands to British drink maker Diageo for 12 billion euros ($15.5 billion) may have been vehemently denied, even the whispers prove the company is willing to shed extra weight.
Not So Precious While luxury fashion and accessory brands seem to be irrepressible right now, jewelry has taken a major hit. Cartier is still the most valued jewelry brand in the world, though cheap soccer cleats its luster dulled a bit in 2009. Not only did its status slip in this particular ranking, but the brand's parent company, Richemont, mulberry online said year-over-year jewelry sales decreased by 12 per cent to 800 million euros ($1.1 billion) in the fourth quarter of 2008.
Other high-end jewelers have suffered worse, though: Fortunoff, Doris Panos Designs and Fred Leighton have all filed for bankruptcy protection in recent months.
One brand that fell out of the jordans for sale top 10 in 2009 is Giorgio Armani, which ranked eighth last year,Cheap celine handbags, with a value of $5.12 billion. Today, that value has dropped by $2.02 billion to $3.1 billion. While Armani the man is still a billionaire - with a net worth valued at $2.8 billion, Pedrazza says the company's multiple brand extensions, including Armani Casa, Armani Hotels and AX Armani Exchange, have stretched it a bit too thin.
Says Pedrazza,air max shoes, "It's not unique and exclusive anymore." Which seems to be the key to prospering - in good times and bad alike.
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Touch base weekly - This can be via phone or email

Request regular updates on hours used - Discuss with your VA how often you would like to be updated on the amount of hours being used, be it weekly, twice a month or monthly. So as to not be 'surprised' by the amount of hours used in a month, we recommend getting a short summary of hours used each week.
Keep each email to one topic only - Trying to tackle everything in one email makes for a lot of reading and a lot of confusion,abercrombie and fitch. Keeping each email to one topic only allows for easier response and easier sorting of the various tasks and projects in your inbox,scarpe hogan.
Also, communication is often an area that is overlooked. Both the client and the VA are so eager to get going on the many projects, that some critical pieces about the actual relationship are not discussed.
Note: This doesn't mean telling them how to do it. That is the virtual assistants responsibility to know the technical how to's. You've hired them for their expertise in implementation.
Effective communication results in both client and virtual assistant understanding what needs done and can result in a long-term commitment and success in the projects worked on.
A strong communication plan is essential in a relationship with a VA. Actually, for any kind of relationship to be successful there needs to be good communication. However,louboutin, in this case,louboutin pas cher, with the relationship being a virtual one, both parties need to consider the best way to communicate so everything runs as smoothly as possible.
Consider having a master "project" list - Some people may find it helpful to have a list that identifies the tasks related to a large project and who's looking after what. This can include deadlines/commitments etc. This helps keep the project and VA/client relationship "on track" the list can be updated regularly and can also serve as a "reminder" if the VA is reminding the client to get particular items done on time.
Before you give up, think back to your original discussions. Did you talk about your expectations? Did you consider each other’s work styles, working hours, upcoming projects and priorities and how to make the most of the relationship? How will you communicate? Did you discuss if this would be strictly by email or is some phone communication required also?
Be realistic about time expectations - Your VA most likely has other clients and other commitments. When sending requests, be realistic on your expectations and turnaround time. By communicating regularly,louboutin, it's easy to plan ahead. However, those "rush" projects can still creep up. Remember, a rushed project can often result in errors, so try and get those rush projects to the VA as soon as possible and keep them to a limit.
By following some of the considerations and suggestions below,louboutin, you can create a communication plan that is going to work well for both parties:
So you've hired a Virtual Assistant and you're both busy working away on various projects and tasks. With both of you being so busy, you may find yourself continuously writing email after email with instructions, some of which may be misunderstood. Before you know it, you realize that it's been weeks since you've actually met over the phone and had a discussion about current and upcoming projects. Minor misunderstandings may build and eventually cause some tension in the new relationship. Things are not happening the way you want them to, you may feel some frustration and even worse, you may think this relationship just isn't going to work.
Be clear on your requests and deadlines - Understanding is the key to getting any project done correctly and on time. As such,cheap oakley sunglasses, we recommend sharing as much as possible with your VA when making a request. Be clear on your expectations of the end result,louboutin pas cher, when you need it done by, budget (if any), and when you would like to be consulted or advised of the status. Most communication issues come from a lack of clear expectations and assuming that your VA knows something. It is better to over communicate, especially in the early stages of working together.
Touch base weekly - This can be via phone or email, just to touch base on the status of your projects for the month. It keeps everyone on the same page as to what is being worked on. Even if there has been no work on a project that week,hollister uk, just to say 'on hold' or something along those lines.
Establish monthly goals – In talking once a month,hollister, have the 'top 3 projects' to work on each month. You can have more of course,louboutin, but to set the top 3 priority projects with deadlines is a great way to establish what you want done for the month.
Discuss your working hours - What are your standard working hours? What is the best time to reach you? We all have busy lives and other commitments,hollister, so be sure to discuss each others working hours so that you can set reasonable expectations in your communications.
Talk about preferred methods of communication - Are you more of a phone or an email person? Decide together how you will communicate and make a plan to do so. We recommend talking live at least once a month and then using email to manage most communication around projects/tasks. Some people prefer to also have a weekly call as well.
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3. Handle Four a Week: E-mail a friend and tell each other what you¡¯re going to tackle, eliminate or delegate for the week. Telling someone else will motivate you, and it¡¯s inspiring to share your victories. Try grouping any related items together to make them easier to handle.